Cat Characteristics

Cat characteristics are related to proficiencies and physical tool, which are required to hunt their preys. You may think your beloved cats as some kind of hunting machines. Cats also have killer instinct, athleticism, adequate speed and flexibility, which are the essential of cat characteristics.
But cats don’t kill or hunt their preys for food, they hunt, trace and kill are cat behaviors. Hunger can’t teach or drive a feline to chase its prey. Feline is good at mouse hunting, but feline may never wish to eat it anytime. Rat killing is considered as a play by cat. Cats also good at hunting not only mouse, but also bird and rodent. But, they don’t usually hunt them everyday. Cats hunt birds or rodents to gratify themselves if the pet owners don’t give food adequately.

Cat Characteristics – Hunting Lessons :

Young cats get basic skill of chasing from their birth. While playing, they learn the skill of timing, chasing, and coordinating. Cats and kittens make judgements and learn through experience . They gradually increase their speed ability.

The young cats learn to kill for eating from mother feline as they grow up. Mother felice brings and gives the dead prey in front of the young cats. And the young cats eat the dead prey. Sometimes, female cat that live in house usually brings the prey and drop it i front of the cat owner’s child. She might have taught her kittens like this

The next lesson is : the female cat hunts the prey down in front of the young cats. Later, she allows kittens to practice these skills and teach them to kill the wounded or slow prey.  As the young cats grow up, they accompany the mother cats. They slay and hunt themselves.

Cat Characteristics – Tendencies :

You may notice that your cat torture its pray before killing it. It’s because cat is lack of confidence. Cats are afraid if their preys are not dead and fight them back any moment. Domestic cats get their natural hunt instinct decreased considerably. They play hunting by wiggling the ears, fingers and toes of the humans as a result.

Thank you for reading my short post about cat characteristics